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Green grows the lily O, right among the rushes O. Green roll the hills down to the sea. Green sprouts the grass on mountain, valley, dale. Green waves the vegetative ocean swaying beneath the dawning sun. Green the leaves betwixt tombstones and toes.

Emerald fields to emerald cities shining in the sun- spring has arisen, alleluia! Life, burst forth from mud and muck and mire, life, O Overcomer of Death, press again to the light, life uncurl your reaching fingers, yearn ever onward, upward, outward, forward!



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Wind Moon

Wind in the trees, wind on the hills, windy grass, windy branches, windy leaves. Wind in every crack and crevice, wind at the door, wind on the crests of the waves on the ocean, wind spinning dervishes in last year’s corn dust on the silo floor.

Let it rush, let it blow. Let it scour away the dust, the debris. Let it chill, and purify.

Follow the birds as they leap from the cliffs- rise on the wind, weightless and free.

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Brace down the shutters and batten the hatches. Let the waves crash over the bow, washing the deck clean of filth and disease. Rain on the roof, the windowpanes, the planted garden, is a trickle, a rivulet, a torrent, a flood.

Hear the crashing thunder roll, feel the wind as it pulls your soul from your body. The hooves of the wild hunt are pounding through the darkness, past dripping trees, through howling winds.

Ships on the ocean are dancing in the lightning’s flash; riders on the road are pelting before the fury of the storm. Branches bend and break, shingles fly, and out in the fields, we shall dance for joy as the heavens open upon us.

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Cold Moon, Crow Moon, Ice Moon, Wolf Moon.

The dark is calling, creeping. The cold is sliding, slithering, slinking in around door-frames, breathing at the window-panes and reaching chilled fingers down into every warm bed. Black birds crow in the early dusk, flocking, flying, murdering in the bare trees. Wolves howl to the frozen moon.

Take thee to thy dreams, human. Thou art warm-bodied and soft; too easily undone. Hide under the furs and wait; another moon is coming, and another, and another- someday, it will be spring.

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