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Gosh, I made it through the whole challenge! I haven’t successfully posted on every day, but I did do all of the prompts! This was really neat; it’s nice to learn some new spreads, and to get a reason to play with the cards more.

Day 31 – Samhain Spread

Samhain Spread- Page of Coins, Ten of Cups, Three of Coins, King of Coins, The Fool, Knight of Coins, Six of Cups, Ace of Cups

Ghost : Page of Coins

Fate : Ten of Cups

Grave : Three of Coins

Bones : King of Coins

Black Cat : The Fool

Trick: Knight of Coins

Poison : Six of Cups

(Treat : Ace of Cups)


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Day 30 – What gifts will November bring?

Six of Swords, Eight of Wands, The Fool

There will be continued transition, but also swift change in a movement to new adventures and fresh starts.

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Day 29 – What have I learned this month?

The Hanged Man

I have learned the value of retreat and contemplation, even when it is not necessarily comfortable.

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Day 28 – Show me your deck collection

Assorted tarot decks

I own quite a few decks, not all of which are going to come out to play on the internet.

The first one I got was my Rider-Waite-Smith, followed shortly after by my Art Nouveau Tarot and Aquarian Tarots. I think I got the Viking tarot next, and then at some point the Tarot of the Cat People, the Norse Tarot, then two different Le Normand decks, the Morgan Greer tarot, the Celtic Tarot, and oh yeah, I’ve had the Druid Craft tarot for a while.

I tend to do better with more “traditional” decks? I do like oracle decks, but some of them don’t work well for me. Also decks that have a more abstract or trickster energy are not my favorite; it’s just an energy thing, I think.

I’ve also had two different Arthurian tarots, neither of which I liked that much, so I got rid of both of them.

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Day 27 – Where should my energy be for the Full Moon?

King of Cups surrounded by the Wheel of Fortune, Three of Wands, Nine of Cups, and Seven of Cups

I need to dream bigger, speak larger, and make space for fortune to favor me.

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Day 26 – Celtic Cross Spread

Celtic Cross Spread

Present : Nine of Swords – Feeling trapped, defeated, lying awake in the night.

Covering : Six of Swords – Transition, movement to the unknown through a difficult place or time.

Crossing : Two of Cups – Partnerships, love matches, new beginnings.

Root : Nine of Cups – Overconfidence, decadence, delusion, largess.

Crown : Two of Wands – New beginnings, the start of an expansion or enterprise.

Past : Four of Swords – Meditation, retreat, repose.

Future : The Devil – Traps of our own making, bindings. Hedonism, throwing away the rules.

Self : Page of Coins – Seeking to make a fortune, to explore the material realm. Physical pleasure.

House : Six of Cups – Nostalgia, longing for the golden moments which may or may not have existed.

Hopes/Fears : The Tower – Things all come crashing down.

Outcome : The World – There are more possibilities than can ever be imagined, more angels than can dance on the head of a pin.

Influence : Knight of Cups – Spiritual questing, emotional loss, seeking for a soulmate.

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Day 25 – Court Cards: Who are you?

Queen of Cups

I often think of the Queen of Cups as an aspirational card for myself, because I feel more generally like I’m a Swords type, so this is nice. I would like to be intuitive, compassionate, and deep.

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