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Author’s note- I don’t really like this one. I’ve decided to post it anyway, as half the point of this year of hymnic/poetic blogging is to force me out of my comfort zone and into putting things up whether I’m happy with them or not. So, here it is. 


Freya the bold stands on a hill at dawn

wind blowing the ends of her skirts at the edge of the world

booted feet treading the darkened line

at the tip of Yggdrasil’s shadow.


Freya the beautiful lays in wait

to claim that which is rightfully hers;

love, and pleasure, and riches, and joy

wealth brought forth from the earth to her hands

to adorn her lovely neck.


Freya the seeress blinks her eyes

and foretells your doom-

at point of spear, or crack of wheel

her runes fall true, and do not lie

nor do the visions that play across her eyes.


Freya the Warrior leads the gathering horde

of women and crows and clouds of death

she marks you with blood and bone

claims your breath in a rush of wings

and ascends to the higher realms

as you gasp your last…


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Deep in the darkness, I hear you, Domnu

Darkness is pulling me deeper, Domnu

Dark in the deep, you wait for me, Domnu

Darkening, deepening, calling my name.


Rough on the waves, I can feel you, Domnu

Waving through roughed foam and surf, Domnu

Rough on my wavering skin, Domnu

Waves in the roughening crash of the tide.


Heat in the cavernous space, Domnu

Cave of the heated thick breath, Domnu

Heat of your touch from the cavern, Domnu

Cavernous heat to swallow me whole.


Stars in the blood-blackened sky, Domnu

Bleeding in starlight I know you, Domnu

Starred oceans of iron are singing, Domnu

Bloodied beneath the stars’ light, you are.




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Hymn to Artio

Thick rasp of your muzzle,


hot breath of darkest night.

Dreaming under North Star shine

you suckle your children,

waiting for dawn.

Tooth and claw warrior,

fearsome Protector

of those who clutch your fur,

standing and bellowing challenge

to any fools who dare

your wrath.

Eat my unworthiness,

O Great Devourer-

consume my fear, my pain.

Swallow me whole;

eat my heart, sink your teeth

into the marrow

of my childishness.

Bear me again,

stand me up,

spit me out-




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Mother of Horses

woman who rides and runs

grant me the freedom to run wild

seat me in my body, in the moment

blind me to anything beyond the next step, next breath, next heartbeat

remind me of the joy of keeping up

of stretching, pushing, diving forth

Let me run with the herd

grasses parting beneath our hooves

let me fly beneath the sun

sweating, aching

Teach my neck to arch

my feet to dance unfettered

Mother of Horses

set me free

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