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What is the positive aspect of this card?

The Emperor is the card of authority wielded well. This card shows care, responsibility, vision, a sense of order, the necessary diplomacy, the willingness to make difficult decisions for the betterment of those affected, and the humility to listen to and understand those in the community. This is the card of good parenting, of responsible stewardship, of considered statecraft.

What is the negative aspect of this card?

When in bad aspect, The Emperor can become a card of arrogance; might makes right; my way or the highway; I’m the dedcider, and so on. Power held by persons who deeply believe that they have the only true and right perspective, and who are willing to impose that belief or the consequences of that belief, on others can be a deeply frightening thing.

Astrological association and why?

I can see three possibilities for this card: First, Aries- Aries has the confidence (or hubris, depending) to own the role of Emperor in the way only a fire sign can. Likewise, Leo- the fiery confidence and charisma paired with a sign who likes the attention of being in charge, and can genuinely care about those over whom they preside. I also think of Capricorn, though- they’re the ones with the dedication, the responsibility, the work ethic, and the endless drive to really make this role work smoothly and successfully. So, maybe a Capricorn with a Leo rising? That might be your best Emperor.


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