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I decided to do @mnomquah’s ShadowWorkOctober challenge again this year, and like last year, it begins with a Hero’s  Journey Spread. I will be using the Druid Craft Tarot for my ShadowWorkOctober readings this year. (Apologies for the poor photo quality.)

For the Hero’s Journey, you’re meant to choose ten cards, each corresponding to a different piece of the path. However, I accidentally laid out twelve, so I turned over the first ten and read them, saving the last two to be some kind of additional information on the reading as a whole.

The Hero’s Journey Spread

1) The Hero – Who are you at the beginning of your journey? King of Swords. It’s been a tough and busy year, the last summer in particular. The wariness and aloofness of the King of Swords seems fairly accurate to my current state of mind. Also, though, he is a discerning and strategic intellect, which is a good thing for where I am right now with trying to get various projects off the ground.

2) The Quest – What is the conscious purpose of your journey?  Rebirth (Major Arcana 20). Traditionally this is the Judgment card, but I think Rebirth is more apporpriate here- I would very much like a fresh start on several things, or at least an advancement of the cycle.

3) Refusal of the Call – The reason why you’re afraid of to seek out what you desire. Seven of Swords. I think of this card often as imposter syndrome, or feeling like something is a zero-sum game. But those things are often lies we tell ourselves to avoid taking risks, or to rationalize fear.

4) The Guide – Who/what will guide you on your journey? Two of Pentacles. Balance. Hah! Yeah, ok, I do need more balance, and I’m always striving for it, but apparently I haven’t fully achieved it yet.

5) Road of Trials – The lessons for you to learn; what you need to go through. Three of Swords. Heartbreak, anguish, pain. This is… concerning. This could be failure, in the sense that the thing/things I pursue are not successful, or it could be something that comes up that prevents me from continuing my journey, or at least sways me from the path.

6) The Dragon – Your greatest obstacle to overcome. Ten of Cups. I guess I fear success? Or maybe more accurately, I don’t believe it’s possible for me, so I don’t pursue it as doggedly as I would if I felt it was a sure thing. I need to learn to think of it as a destination, not a possibility.

7) Death – What you have to leave behind? Queen of Swords. I’m unsure of how to interpret this one- is it that I will have to leave some autonomy behind? Will success mean getting caught up in others’ agendas? Or will it mean that I’m a more social person? I’m not sure about this one.

8) New Knowledge – What new wisdom and power you will obtain on your journey? The Hanged One. Perhaps if I’m leaving behind a Queen in favor of the Hanged One, I’m learning to let go of tight control and instead create my own space to be out of time? Or maybe learning more patience?

9) Boon – What you will take back with you to share with others? Nine of Cups. I tend to read nines as subtly negative, and thus usually read this as greed, or gluttony. My friend reads nines as much more positive, and would read this card as well-earned decadence or luxury, and frankly, I like that option better for this question!

10) The Hero Returned – Who you come back as from the journey? The Moon. Perhaps I’ll come back even more creative than I was before? Maybe even with recurring creative cycles? That could be nice…

The Hero’s Journey Spread with two additional cards

And then the two final cards- the Princess of Cups and the Princess of Wands. These are actually two of my favorite cards in the deck, and drawing two Pages/Princesses seems auspicious for starting a journey. The combination of Wands and Cups seems good too, as it seems to imply that I have the creativity and the will to do what I need to do; I simply need to strike out and do it.


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Gosh, I made it through the whole challenge! I haven’t successfully posted on every day, but I did do all of the prompts! This was really neat; it’s nice to learn some new spreads, and to get a reason to play with the cards more.

Day 31 – Samhain Spread

Samhain Spread- Page of Coins, Ten of Cups, Three of Coins, King of Coins, The Fool, Knight of Coins, Six of Cups, Ace of Cups

Ghost : Page of Coins

Fate : Ten of Cups

Grave : Three of Coins

Bones : King of Coins

Black Cat : The Fool

Trick: Knight of Coins

Poison : Six of Cups

(Treat : Ace of Cups)

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Day 31 – Mandala : Who I became

Coloring page of a wooden wagon

Well, it’s not technically a mandala, but. I recently got this coloring book called “Happy Camper”, all full of different kinds of tents and wagons and trailers that you can color, and, well, it makes me very happy. So, that seemed like the most appropriate thing for this final day.

This has been an interesting challenge! I have definitely learned a lot…

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Day 30 – Hero Returns: Revisit Day 2. How far have you come? How much lies ahead?

Ace of Coins, Wheel of Fortune, Six of Cups, Three of Cups, Four of Coins. Seven of Swords, The Emperor, Four of Wands, Judgment, Ace of Swords.

1 – the Hero – Ace of Coins
2 – the Quest – Wheel of Fortune
3 – Refusal of the Call – Six of Cups
4 – the Guide – Three of Cups
5 – Road of Trials – Four of Coins
6 – the Dragon – Seven of Swords
7 – Death – The Emperor
8 – New Knowledge – Four of Wands
9 – Boon – Judgment
10 – the Hero Returned – Ace of Swords

I’m in a much better place than I was when I started the month. I still run the risk of getting stuck in nostalgia, or fear and impostor syndrome, but if I can master my own fear of failure and do the work, I will be successful.

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Day 30 – What gifts will November bring?

Six of Swords, Eight of Wands, The Fool

There will be continued transition, but also swift change in a movement to new adventures and fresh starts.

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Day 29 – What have I learned this month?

The Hanged Man

I have learned the value of retreat and contemplation, even when it is not necessarily comfortable.

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Day 29 – Re-visit day 5: Did your attitude change? In what way?

I picked The Devil as my least favorite card, particularly in the Morgan Greer deck (which is the main one I’ve been using this month). And no, my attitude has not changed. Not that that has stopped that damn card from turning up all over the place! Hah! I still don’t like the image, and I still can’t read it well. I kind of get the feeling that it enjoys that…

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