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What is the positive aspect of this card?

The High Priestess is the ruler of the unseen- the unconscious, the silent, the deep and vast streams of emotion and thought which encircle and affect our waking world in every way. The High Priestess is the healing Dark Mother who guides us, and also the Queen of the Underworld, full of wisdom and knowledge and magic which can bless and heal us.

What is the negative aspect of this card?

The High Priestess can be both full of secrets and full of silence. There is no hope of ever attaining to her level of wisdom, though it behooves us to try; however, this can end in frustration, with us stymied and alone. It can also be a card of those powers which operate unseen, and which can therefore alter outcomes in ways we can’t know until they are upon us.

Astrological associations and why?

The High Priestess is all Scorpio to me, though I could see aspects of Pisces. Both are water signs, which tie into the emotions and hidden currents of knowledge that she represents. However, Scorpio is, as my mother likes to say, the sign of “sex, death, and secrets”, which is definitely a large part of the provenance of the High Priestess. I also associate Scorpio with power and mystery, which are also right for this card. Pisces, though, would reflect the unconscious dreaming and the ever-flowing emotion of the High Priestess, all the subterranean feelings and hopes of the world.


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