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What is the positive aspect of this card?

The Empress is all things abundant and growing and vital; whether that’s literal, in the sense of becoming pregnant, parenting children, and growing crops, or whether that’s more metaphorical, in the sense of birthing creative projects, flourishing in interpersonal or career relationships, or being financially abundant. It also conveys a sense of benevolent rulership; a deeply rooted generosity that does not believe in zero-sum games, but rather believes in enough of everything for all.

What is the negative aspect of this card?

It’s pretty hard for me to come up with a negative association for this card; I tend to read it much like the Aces, in the sense that it is nearly entirely great potential, and it’s hard to see a downside to that. I suppose you can think of oppressive success, where there is pressure to produce more and more, or the blindness that comes from unquestioned success and privilege, but I think the card would have to be pretty badly aspected for those interpretations to arise.

Astrological association and why?

I believe this card is traditionally associated with Virgo, which makes sense; Virgo is The Maiden, or The Virgin, and is depicted as the young woman with the horn of plenty, much as the Empress often is. Virgo is an earth sign, both grounded and endlessly creative, and Virgo’s mutability also lends itself to an interpretation of growth. I can also see a strong association with Taurus, though, the earth sign ruled by Venus (or Ceres, if you prefer)- Taurus is very much about the realm of the physical and particularly the bounty and comforts thereof, and those aspects certainly connect to the Empress as well.


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