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Been a couple of months since I’ve posted here; work, life, etc. But I was remembering how much I enjoyed these daily challenges last fall, and what do you know, Black And The Moon has a new one going on, so I thought I’d jump in!

What is the positive aspect of this card?

The Fool, to me, is always new beginnings, fresh starts, new adventures, etc. It’s a chance to leap out into the unknown, to leave behind whatever may be dragging you down. It’s striking out on your own, taking the road less traveled, maybe asserting your own independence or taking control of your own life. It’s that road trip you always wanted to take, or the first time you went on stage, or when you moved out of your parents house, or whatever grand endeavor you first attempted. It’s the new year, new you.

What is the negative aspect of this card?

The Fool can indicate a willfulness, I think, but also a certain naivete. Perhaps this new beginning comes from being unwilling to confront one’s own demons, or from running away from one’s responsibilities. Or maybe one just has one’s head in the clouds. And, while going off on your own is all well and good, if it’s your continual habit, you might need to consider the reasons you are choosing to go it alone- is it independence? Or fear? And finally, sometimes The Fool can be, well… foolish.

Astrological associations and why?

My initial response is that The Fool goes with Aries, since Aries is the “baby” of the zodiac, and The Fool is the start of the deck. They both can have a certain level of self-absorption, which can be a help or a hindrance, depending, and the Ariean fire lends itself well to the sort of “striking out for adventure” that The Fool can indicate.

Part of me also wants to say Gemini, though- I think of The Fool as a rather airy card, and that sense I sometimes get from Geminis of being blissfully un-tethered to reality seems to also be an aspect of this card.  I’d add that, if I were looking for a planetary correspondence, I’d pick Mercury, the youthful messenger, who is, of course, the ruler of Gemini.


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