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I stopped doing this for a bit because posts on this series were being reblogged to content aggregation blogs, which I don’t like. But, I’m also not sure how to stop it other than to state that I do not give permission for my work to be reposted on other blogs.

What is the positive aspect of this card?

Well, on a very basic level, this card can indicate love, often of a sexual or romantic nature, in a consenting and enjoyable context. More broadly, this card can mean self-love (as in, regard and care for one’s self, not masturbation, though it can certainly mean that, too), or the love between close friends or family members, or even just the joyful embrace of life itself. Arguably many of the great poets and musicians could have been represented by The Lovers when in the exuberant peak of their creative love affair with the world around them, I think.

What is the negative aspect of this card?

Obliviousness. Whether you are enamored with yourself or another, it is very easy to become possessed by passion or sentiment to the exclusion of all else and all others. People in love can be incredibly selfish to anyone who is not their beloved, and it is important that we make an effort, when being ruled by The Lovers, to extract our heads from our posteriors and look around on a regular basis.

Astrological association and why?

For me, this is Libra and Aquarius, maybe mainly because those are the main two signs I’ve known that have a tendency to be “in love with love”- Librans, in particular, I’ve heard wax rhapsodic at length about the beauty of love/their lover, and even when love is beating them down, they wouldn’t trade it for anything. Aquarians, I think, relish the pleasures of it somewhat less than the pleasure-driven Librans, but they can be just as obsessive about seeking that next emotional hit of a crush or a fuck. (I’ll also throw in Taurus for good measure, because I think of them as the romantics of the zodiac.)


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