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Next up in our challenge is The Magician.

What is the positive aspect of this card?

The Magician, to me, is all about self-motivated change. It’s the power to make the world reflect your will, to control your own destiny, and to steer the course of events. This is obviously good in so much as it encourages one to self-actualize, and to act, rather than wait. Often believing we are powerful empowers us simply by our own belief.

What is the negative aspect of this card?

Pride goeth before a fall. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Believing that you are the ultimate authority/change agent/rule-bender/actor can lead to overweening arrogance and the inability to see those persons and creatures around you as inferior, or un-realized.

Astrological associations and why?

I associate this card with Aries, mainly because of the fire and motion of it; Aries, like The Magician, likes to push things into place, locking horns with a current situation and wrestling it into place. I can also see hints of Sagittarius here, another fire sign, in the sense of “no fucks given” that The Magician can indicate. As far as planets, I find this to be a Mars card, though I could also see arguments for something more outer.


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