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Hi, my name is Thora, and I’d like to talk about Thor!

No, really. It’s the beginning of a new year, and I am committing to posting here regularly, and thus, I’ll begin at least somewhat at the beginning. Since I am Thora, and I will be posting on Thor’s-days… well, let’s just go where the obvious points us.


I love Thor. I adore him. Literally, and figuratively. And no, we’re not talking about Chris Hemsworth, pretty though he undoubtedly is.


Yeah, not really him either. The comic book Thor is fun, but… he’s not the deity I loved so strongly I took his name. The Thor I know is brave, but not brash. Loyal, but not blind. Fearsome, but friendly. He is a protector; of people, of his family, of the gods. He puts his body and his hammer between all he holds dear and any beast or evil that might threaten. He doesn’t think twice before sailing into battle if he knows there is something worthwhile to defend.

thor, god of thunder

He is a liver of life, a man fully in the moment. He drinks, he eats, he sleeps like the dead, and awakens in the morning. He carouses, he loves the women, and he laughs.

I met him as a small child, in the crack of lightning across the midwestern sky. Aged three, my preschool teachers took my mother aside to tell her in astonishment how, when a violent summer storm had the children shrieking in terror, I gathered them by the window and taught them to measure the distance from the storm by counting the seconds between blinding flash and deafening roll. The smell of ozone is the scent of his skin, the touch of rain on my skin is his gift to me. He knew me, named me as his own, and I would never have it different.

I call myself his priestess, but the term is not quite how he understands it- he doesn’t have much need of a “priestess”, not in the formal sense. To him I am more… a young, but favored kinswoman. I am his, and he knows it; he respects me, looks out for me, and expects my devotion in return as a matter of course. He will never forsake me, never leave me to the frost giants alone.

I toast him when I drink; I boast of his great deeds. I sing for him, eat for him, shout and do battle for him.

I always will.


Hail to the Mighty!

Hail Thor!

Hail Wind-Tosser!

Hail Thor!

Hail Giant-Slayer!

Hail Thor!

Hail Storm-Rider!

Hail Thor!

Hail Beer-Drinker!

Hail Thor!

Hail to the Fearless!

Hail Thor!

Hail Hammer-Wielder!

Hail Thor!

Hail Great Smiter!

Hail Thor!

Hail to the Thunderer!

Hail Thor!


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